We're here for you

Whatever your background, however you find yourself here today, we’re here for you. It’s not about solving problems with ready- made solutions, it’s about discovering how we can help you help yourself.

After spending nearly 40 years working in your local community, we’ve come to understand a simple truth – every story is different, every story matters.



If you are reading this, you have probably reached a turning point in your life. Maybe you’ve had a relationship breakdown. Maybe you’re struggling with addiction or dependency on alcohol or other drugs. Domestic violence, sexual abuse, money problems, mental health? It could be you’re at risk of being evicted and need a place to stay. Maybe you’re about to be released from prison. Maybe you just feel lost and detached from your community.

Once we know your story better, we can help you with your mindset or circumstances. Our job is to help you believe “you make things happen”. When you see yourself as being in control of your own future, you’ll be less prone to stress related illnesses and depression, more positive, independent and expect to be successful in most things you do. This sets off a chain of positivity in your life, where you’re more likely to stay on top of your health and happiness and proactively build relationships and connections.

Help me...

Access community housing

Help me...

With homelessness services

Help me...

Learn about life after prison

Help me...

Visit someone in prison

Help me...

Support my family

Help me...

Find the tenancy hub

Help me...

With emergency relief

Help me...

With an Accordwest Career


Your story matters to us.

If you’re reading this and we’ve struck a chord, reach out now. Don’t wait.

Our culturally responsive services are for everyone and anyone. Whatever your cultural background, sexual orientation or circumstance, however you find yourself here today, we’re here to help. We accept you for who you are, no judgements. By listening, appreciating and understanding the complete picture of why you’re where you are today, we can find the best way to help.

You can call us, read more here or drop in and organise a meeting.

We accept:

  • Self-referrals
  • Referrals from family and friends
  • Referrals from other agencies or organisations.

We have the information, resources and support to help you build your sense of being in control, restore the real you and change the direction your life is heading. Remember – the sooner you act, the sooner we can start your journey.

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