We’re all about you

Our passion is helping you become more engaged, connected and resilient, so you can build your ability to live a strong, independent, meaningful life.

Your story matters to us.

We love what we do. How can we not? Every day we wake up in the West, we do something really rewarding – provide support services to local people, families and communities, right here in your hometown. We’re someone to talk to, ask for advice or point you in the right direction. Your story matters to us – and we want your next chapter to be the best yet.


You might notice our care is a little different. We don’t like to focus on your problems in isolation, which is why we offer “Placed Based Care” – a way of tackling complex social issues by considering your story in the context of your entire social and physical community. We know the West inside out, which means we better understand the changing dynamic of our local area.

People are our purpose.

We want to make your experience with us positive, uplifting, understanding, compassionate, friendly and inclusive. Here’s what
makes every person that wears the Accordwest badge important across your journey:

We believe every story matters.
As a culturally responsive team, this is about you and your story – not one size fits all solutions. We dig deep within to learn more
about your past, present and future so we can better understand what’s going on for you.

We believe you are shaped by place. 
We are all part of a greater community, each with its own unique way of being, knowing and living. Connecting you with friends and
family in this way is really important to us.

We believe in helping you, in your way.
We’re all about helping you make positive choices in life. You have the answers inside – you just need to know where to look!

We believe in “place based” care. 
Place is not just a backdrop – it’s part of you. It shapes who you are and how you connect to people, time and culture. We’re here
for you, right here in the West where you belong.

We believe in restoration.
We walk with you as you build your sense of being ‘in charge’ and regain control over your life.

We believe it takes time to open up.
When you spend so much of your life putting up emotional barriers, it can take time to bring them down. So relax, there’s no rush.
We know you’ll open up in your time, in your own way.

We believe in momentum.
Together we can help you move not just forwards, but onwards and upwards. Remember, positivity breeds positivity – everything is
connected, progress in one area flows into another. Let’s set the wheels in motion and make good things happen for you.


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