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Making every story matter

Ready to make a fulfilling career move where you can assist others and give back to your community? Your story is just getting started at Accordwest. As a not-for-profit service provider with a long history of setting up communities for success across Bunbury and the South West, we bring together passionate, likeminded people who share our purpose of supporting those experiencing hardship and disadvantage to live the life they choose to live. Every Story Matters, no matter where they’ve been, or who’s telling the story.

Your rewarding career pathway

Joining Accordwest can be as rewarding a journey as you want it to be. A place where you can challenge yourself in new ways everyday. Explore exciting opportunities to build a fulfilling career. And be supported to find the right work-life balance that enhances your health and wellbeing. A place that you look forward to going to, every day.

Salary packaging up to $15,900 per year to reduce tax payable

An online Performance and Development review process so you can set out your goals and we can help you reach them

Flexible working arrangements (dependant on role type)

A wide range of discounts on health insurance, car leasing packages, travel, food, entertainment and more

Make your mark

Dreaming of using your career as a catalyst to do some real good? Accordwest is here to help you realise your potential. By investing heavily in our people and organisation, we deliver exceptional services that make an enduring impact on the lives of people who need it most, including First Nations people and culturally diverse communities. It starts by actively listening and seeking to understand the issues that matter, then advocating on their behalf to influence life changing transformation.


Our Reconciliation Action Plan

We’re committed to working with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, identifying barriers which prevent them from accessing resources, and supporting them to achieve their goals. As part of the team, you’ll be provided with ongoing opportunities to develop your understanding and respect for diverse ATSI cultures, so you can help us deliver culturally responsive services.

Hello Roadshow ‘23

Diversity and Inclusion

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, it’s in our DNA to provide a fair, diverse and inclusive environment, whether you’re already part of our team or hoping to join us. We respect that each of us are different and promise to work with you to ensure you feel welcome, safe, and valued. These principles guide all our work principles, ensuring we create a workplace we’re all extremely proud of.


Workplace Health and Safety

We make it a priority to ensure our people are safe, healthy and happy. Over the past year we have undergone a review and upgrade of all policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure your safety is protected. WHS team and Senior Management strive to provide and maintain a safe work environment for our employees, clients, young people and children and everyone we serve.

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Ask Yourself First

We recognise that fatigue is a big human factor that can hold you back from performing at your best. That’s why we’ve developed a first in-class self-assessment tool designed to assist employees to understand and manage fatigue related symptoms. A series of easy-to-remember questions helps them assess their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing before attending work.

Our values

This is your chance to work with some of our community’s most vulnerable to help them turn the tables. You’ll become part of a support crew that works as one to support people in need to better manage their lifestyle, health, relationships and wellbeing. If you’re the kind of person who has that desire within you, then together we can do great things.


People who ask for our help and support can tell us their story and we actively listen and understand


We care and respect the individual needs of the people we serve 

Community Collaboration

We work closely with other people, organisations and groups to find solutions.

Think Ahead
& Act

The needs of our community compel us to plan and make courageous impactful decisions with real outcomes

& Diversity

We celebrate people of different cultures and backgrounds, we are inclusive and supportive

Our best is yet to come

We’re a great place to work at now – and we’re only getting better. Our continuous improvement mindset motivates us to always seek out innovative new ways to take our work environment to the next level.


Initiatives we're working on

Mental Health initiatives to support you in your role with tools that keep you well and thriving at work (and home)

System improvements that align our HR systems to make the employee experience better

Facilitating workshops and training to develop the growth of our employees and help them reach their career goals

Increasing our indigenous workforce by working with likeminded businesses to create employment opportunities

Find your thing. Reach your potential.

Accordwest is the place to take your career wherever you want it to go. To attract and retain the best people, we create safe spaces that nurture creative energy and growth. Together we can help you learn new skills, grow your experience, and fulfil your potential.


Explore some of the roles we have available right now.

Ready when you are…

Your career is a journey best walked together. When you work with us, we put you in the driver’s seat to steer your career wherever you want it to go. You decide what you want to achieve. No pushing. No probing. Just a team of supporters making sure you’ve got everything you need to succeed as the journey unfolds.

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