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Emergency Relief

When unexpected changes hit

There are times when life throws you a curveball. Maybe you’ve lost your job and suddenly find yourself without a house. Maybe you can’t afford your power or gas bill and it’s about to be cut off. When life turns sideways unexpectedly it can leave you feeling shocked, alone and even ashamed as you try to navigate your way forward. In times like these you don’t need judgement – you
need someone who understands you’re in dire straits. Our Emergency Relief services let us help you with immediate basic needs like food and hygiene products, while offering counselling and advice to help you plan ways to overcome this unexpected roadblock.


Relief when you really need it

Financial shock can leave you feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster as you do your best to keep your head above water. Emergency Relief services provide immediate relief like food vouchers to help you in your time of need, keeping you afloat. For tenants moving into Accordwest housing we’ll gladly give you a cleaning pack and in the event you are homeless, one way we’ll assist is with a hygiene pack. For families doing it tough at Christmas, we can even organise a hamper that includes a gift, cards and wrapping paper so children don’t miss out on the warmth of the festive season. And while our Emergency Support services can’t pay for your problems directly, our vouchers are able to cover you for food and necessities, helping free up a bit of money to get you by and ease the pressure of day-to-day expenses.

If you need help urgently, please call us (Free Call) on 1800 115 799.

  • If you need help quickly, please call us (Free Call) 1800 115 799. If in an emergency situation, please call 000.


Those who are eligible to receive emergency relief come from many walks of life. You could have little to no income, be facing the loss of a job or just made some bad financial choices you’re trying to navigate out of. Or perhaps you need support due to an unexpected or life changing event like an unforeseen illness or violence at home. Whatever your circumstance, knowing someone is there in your absolute hour of need can ease the pressure. In order to receive Emergency Service Relief, there are eligibility criteria you must be assessed by. Through a friendly phone or in-person chat we are able to determine if you are eligible. Once we understand your story we will be able to work out how to assist.

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