Every Story Matters

Every day, we see everyday people fighting just to put food on the table, or a roof over their heads. We see the bright lives of young people dulled by drugs and violence. We see hard-working people down on their luck, looking for a leg up, not a handout. We see – people. Sons. Daughters. Friends. Family. Neighbours. Whoever they are, whatever they’ve done, their stories matter. As a progressive local agency immersed in our local community, Accordwest is uniquely placed to explore innovative new ways to develop services that deliver deep-reaching impacts.


Boundless possibility

Our mission is to walk alongside vulnerable people in our communities, opening their world to services designed to unlock real positive change in their lives. All services are delivered under Accordwest’s 5 key programs, passionately overseen by Simone Atkins, Executive Manager, Programs.

  • Families and Children
  • Adult & Family Homelessness Services
  • Release Support Services
  • Youth Services
  • Client Services

Everybody benefits

Accordwest connects individuals and families to the services they need to thrive in their communities. It could be supporting an individual to overcome the barriers stopping them from accessing stable housing. Intervening to guide a young person to take steps in the right direction towards employment. Making sure a person released from incarceration is treated respectfully on their journey into the community. Or simply helping a family in crisis feel heard, welcomed and supported to make positive changes in their lives.

How we work

At the heart of it all, this is about lifting our community. No matter what actions someone takes, we still believe in their potential as a person. Our team is authentic and non-judgemental, passionate about working alongside the individual to help them spark positive change in their lives. That takes a left-field approach. Rather than sticking to black and white, pre-prescribed processes, our style is to be creative and flexible, thinking sideways to find other non-traditional ways to deliver services to individuals as they need it. That’s where you come in.


Join us

Accordwest is well positioned in the South West, with years of accumulated local community knowledge, experience and appreciation around sensitivities. We invite you to get to know our amazing team of energetic, motivated go-getters who together help us help others be the best versions of themselves. We’re confident that once you’ve learned more about our work and the incredible people who lead our services, you’ll feel inspired to be part of the Accordwest mission too. Got something in mind? We’d love you to reach out and start the conversation, wherever it takes us.

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