Families & Children

Our Families & Children services provide a safe place to talk about and work through problems you may be facing at home or in other areas of life.

Ease life stresses and strains.

Navigating your way through tough situations with people you love isn’t always clear-cut. No matter how much you’re trying to make things work sometimes your heart warming ups are mixed with lows, downs and unexpected challenges that are overwhelming, leaving you at risk of feeling disconnected and alone. Across our range of Families & Children services, you’ll find teams of caring, professional, experienced people who will sit with you to work it through in culturally sensitive ways. As community members just like you, we know just how important every story is.


Improve My Relationships

Supporting families going through change with early intervention & prevention.

Support and counselling for families and singles with dependent preschool children.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness with connection & support for people 12-18.

Non-judgmental counselling support for people aged 12-35, & their family members.

Free and confidential support to help you address your financial problems.

Other Local Organisations providing support within the South West Region.

We can help

Families & Children services help people from all walks of life across the West. Everyday we connect with couples, individuals, separated families, children, young people, grandparents and kinship carers as they seek to take control of life. People who are transforming their lives making positive changes for themselves and their loved ones.


What we do

From relationship services to help with tenancy advice, children and parenting services to helping young people at risk of being kicked out of home, our wide range of ‘wrap around’ family services are here to assist you when you need it.


Skills you'll learn

Whether through early intervention and prevention, one-on-one time or in a group our focus is improving wellbeing, safety and resilience, we can assist you in many ways. Improve your communication skills, develop your confidence, build your parenting toolkit, become better at identifying stress factors, or learn about boundaries or minimise the risk of family disconnection and homelessness. Whatever it is, we work together toward your solution, knowing we are not the answer but just part of the answer. Whatever your background, however you find yourself here today, we’re here to help.

Help me...

Become a foster carer

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With a place to live

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Learn about life after prison

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Visit someone in prison

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Support my family

Help me...

Find tenancy information

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With financial relief

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