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Financial Counselling

We can help you deal with your financial crisis in a positive way so you can break through the trap and learn what it takes to experience financial freedom.

Take control of your finances

If you’re struggling with money, or feel debt ruining your life and can’t see a way out, our free and confidential Financial Counselling services help you address your financial problems, manage your debt and make informed choices about your money in the future. We’ll help you negotiate with creditors, explain what you can do when you can’t pay bills, explain the debt recovery process, develop a budgeting plan (if you’re having difficulties making ends meet), explain bankruptcy and your options, contact people to schedule payments when bankrupt, and get support for problem gambling.

How we help

Our services can help you learn about your rights, develop your budgeting skills, learn how to better manage your money, address financial stress and hardship, learn about short term loans and the consequences for credit ratings and manage the stress of living on a low or restricted income. Whether through direct casework or one-on-one intensive support, we’ll arm you with information, negotiate on your behalf, or refer you to other relevant service providers to help steer your ship back on course.

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