Family and parenting support


Discover new ways to improve parenting skills


Family support for better homelives

Children & Parenting Services (CaPS) provides one-on-one support and workshops for parents, carers, families, and growing children aged 0-12. By helping you identify the different issues impacting your relationships, you’ll make positive changes allowing you to thrive as a loving family.


Individual parenting support services

It’s time to level up your parenting skills. CaPS offers helpful information, advice and practical in-home family support for struggling parents, from setting your goals to increasing your family’s ability to successfully function as a unit.



In our hands-on parenting workshops you’ll discover a more mindful, intuitive parenting style. Our parenting workshops include Circle of Security, Tuning into Kids, Emotion Coaching, Bringing up Great Kids in the First 1000 days and Protective Behaviours.


Behavioural support group sessions

By exploring rhythm and movement, children can learn to self-regulate their emotional responses to challenging situations, while learning protective behaviours helps them recognise when their personal space and safety is at risk.


The struggle is real

Most of us are battling in different ways every day, whether it’s single parenting, behavioural problems, financial hardships, social isolation, or past and present trauma. That doesn’t change the fact all want the best for our kids during this critical developmental stage. At Accordwest, we don’t have a magic book on parenting, but we do have your back, thanks to CaPS.

Available in Manjimup and surrounds, CaPS gives families the parenting workshops, family therapy and behavioural support they need to thrive. It’s successful because it looks at family struggles from both ends, encouraging kids to look within themselves to better control their emotions, and empowering parents to better understand their needs so they can set them up for a brighter future.

What to expect


Your family, your way

We’ll ask you about what your goals are and what you hope to accomplish by participating in the program, then work with you to make it happen by pointing you towards the right family support services and resources for both you and your children.

Behavioural support

To succeed as a parent or carer, you need your kids to meet you halfway. We’ll give you the behavioural support you need to boost your child’s ability to cope with challenges, changes and emotions, as well as improve their feelings of wellbeing, safety and resilience.


Ways to improve parenting skills

We’ll help you build a stronger connection and relationships with your child as discover new ways to improve your parenting skills, from learning about boundaries and consistency, to better understanding developmental needs, active listening, and being ‘present’.

Closer, stronger families

Cool, calm and in control – that’s what’s waiting for you. By acting as early as possible, we can identify issues holding your family back, then give you the best referrals to find the right family therapy and parenting support, before the issues turn into bigger problems.


How you’ll get there

Your journey will focus on better understanding the trigger points that lead to the behaviour, and ways you can help each other. Whether one-on-one or in a group, we work with you to identify risk factors, learn new skills, and be more in tune with your child’s needs.

Boost your awareness

Boost your awareness

Being aware of your child’s needs, their goals, and how to set them is the first step towards building a stronger connection with each other. We’ll also raise your awareness to parenting support services and resources available in the community that meet your needs.

Grow your confidence
Reap the rewards

Family support starts now

As one of over 140 community and charitable organisations funded to deliver Children & Parenting Services (CaPS) around Australia, Accordwest is dedicated to helping families flourish in the South West through our high quality parenting workshops, family therapy and
behavioural support services. Our mission is to help you create a positive home environment where your children can happily develop and grow by opening your eyes to life-changing new ways to improve parenting skills. It’s a great chance to work towards making positive changes that allow you all to thrive as a loving, caring team. Sounds amazing right? No more excuses for putting it off any longer. The sooner you act, the better off you’ll be.

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