Housing & Homelessness

Positive change starts now

Everyone has their own reasons for why they find themselves homeless or at risk of being without a home. It’s more than not having somewhere to sleep at night – Homelessness sets off a series of debilitating dominoes that cause your life to fall apart, leaving you further and further behind, struggling to make way in the world.


You’re in safe hands

After over 30 years in the West, we’ve come to understand exactly what it takes to connect and make meaningful change to peoples of all cultures and backgrounds. It starts with respect and understanding that your story matters.

You may be feeling frustrated from being bounced around from place to place. If that’s you, the good news is you’re in safe hands, and in the right place. We listen, talk, understand. And we encourage you to be honest so we can air out the things that may be holding you back. It’s all about being honest with each other. If we can’t work with you for whatever reason, we won’t waste your time. Instead we’ll point you in the right direction for you to get the help you need.


Crisis Accommodation

Crisis accommodation provides a safe place surrounded by people who care.

If you find yourself without a place to call home, we’ll help you feel safe and in control.

A safe-haven for single women who find themselves without a place to call home.

Available for people aged 17 – 25, our number one priority is your wellbeing.

We partner with WA State Government to offer housing in Bunbury & Margaret River.

For everyone to access a safe place, you must meet a few simple, key criteria.

Every Story Matters

There’s always more to you than your situation, always a bigger story to tell. But whoever you are, however you find yourself in need, just know that everyone deserves to feel safe, everyone deserves to be heard. Every story matters.

Are you homeless or at risk of losing your home?

We can assist you to source housing in the West from crisis and transitional accommodation, to community (social and affordable) housing. Then once you’re settled in, we’ll introduce you to a range of ‘wrap around’ support services designed to help you regain control over your lifeBy drilling down to the real issues, together we can unearth the right solution to your problems.

Our support can be truly life changing – but it starts with you…


Reach out early

Maybe you’re struggling to find stable accommodation and worried you’re heading for homelessness. Or maybe you’re finding it hard to keep up with rental payments and facing eviction. Just remember, you’re not alone. There are many people who’ve found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Contacting us early gives us the best chance to help. So be sure to reach out when the need arises, rather than waiting (and hoping) that things will simply turn around by themselves.

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