Therapy for teens that changes lives


Reconnect with family, friends, work and life


Feel better. Live better.

Having a hard time at home and school? The Reconnect program offers depression help and CBT, designed to improve teenage mental health by building the confidence and skills to feel better and have better relationships with friends, family, teachers and peers.


Therapy for teens

We work alongside you, your parents, grandparents, siblings, and extended family to help you reconnect with your loved ones, school and community, take control of your feelings, and stay strong, no matter what’s going on at home.


Come as you are

Reconnect’s person centred therapy is about where you want to go. Whether you see us yourself, or were referred by your school or family, we accept and support you for who you are, knowing that you’re about to experience an exciting personal change in yourself.


Learn to love

We can’t change your environment, but we can help you grow and thrive within it. Reconnect gives you the confidence and self-control to live a better life, showing you healthy new ways to express yourself and manage your relationships, whatever the situation.


Supporting teenage mental health

Reconnect offers mental health support, psychotherapy, behavioural support and person centred therapy for teens aged 12-18 living in the South West who are at risk of homelessness because of an unstable home or school life. By calming your situation, and helping you better engage, together we can build your sense of connection and self-belief so you can diffuse situations and stay in control.

We’re here to support you, but we also bring in your parents, grandparents and siblings too. It takes a village, right? Together you can work out what you think is going on, decide what you want to get out of our time together, set goals, and make an action plan to rebuild your relationships and reconnect with the things that matter most.

What to expect


Find what makes you be

Reconnect helps you understand yourself better. So before you come in, start thinking about what makes you be you. What are your dreams and aspirations? What do you find meaningful in life? What brings you sadness? What are the things that seem unfair?

Meet your Case Worker

We’ll kick things off by introducing you to your Case Worker, who’ll give you a rundown of what to expect, make sure you know more about privacy things, like who will know what you tell us, and start exploring what brought you to Reconnect.


Pinpoint the problems

In this one-on-one session, we’ll look deeper into the difficulties you’re experiencing, and why they may be happening. This will give your Case Worker a greater understanding of how to best teach you to feel better and have better relationships.

Make success happen

We’ve got up to six months together – let’s make them count! Your Case Manager will help you decide what goals you want to achieve and create an Action Plan to make them stick, drawing on strategies like CBT, psychotherapy, behavioural support and more.


Personalised therapy for teens

The Reconnect program is driven by you and what you feel you need. You tell us what you think is going on, and what you want to change – we simply point you in the direction of helpful support services that will help you get where you want to go. Whether it’s depression help, mental health support, behavioural support and interventions, group-based workshops to share experiences, support building basic life skills like cooking, shopping or using public transport, or advocating on your behalf, we’re here to help you create positive patterns that allow you to take charge of your challenges yourself.

Better with time


Better with time

Reconnect is a journey that slowly builds up to long-term life changes, from being more in tune with your emotional wellbeing, to communicating better, growing confidence to seek employment, and engaging positively with your loved ones and peers.

Tell us what matters
SMART goals
Strategies that work

Start your Reconnect
journey now

We understand it can be hard to open up, especially if a troubling family situation is making it hard to trust the people who are supposed to care for you. Just know we’re here, ready to walk alongside you, giving you time and space to feel comfortable. As we progress on your journey together, we’ll surround you with the wraparound services you need to get where you want to go, as well as connect you to other local friendly providers. As you discover what healthy family dynamics and relationships look like, soon you’ll see a massive change in yourself that can change how you think about the world, and your place in it. An experienced and friendly team member is ready and excited to meet you – we can’t wait to show you what happens when you Reconnect.

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