Release support for prisoners


Planning for life after Bunbury Prison.



Remand is a two-week support period offered to inmates during a time of disruption while they await court dates and processes, designed to offer practical help like explaining services available in Bunbury Prison, and tying up any loose ends.


Release Support

Release Support works individually with participants to help make the life changes they need to transition out of prison and into community for good, living a meaningful life full of belonging and purpose.


Community Transition Program (CTP)

CTP is a group prison release program run in Bunbury Prison, offering four weeks of fun and engaging sessions designed to build the practical life skills needed to be confident, productive community members after being released from prison.



TASS offers shared and transitional accommodation to help clients going through release support to build a launch pad from which to make a fresh start and begin a journey towards finding and maintaining longer term accommodation.

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Planning a smooth release

Accordwest’s release support services are designed to help those being released from prison with a smooth and positive reintegration back into community. The programs for inmates while incarcerated build skills and support networks, so that they have everything they need to live a lifestyle they enjoy and feel purpose from, whether it’s gaining meaningful employment they want to do long term, finding time to do things that bring them joy, or rebuilding connections with friends, family and the community so they feel supported and loved on their journey.

As part of the Release support services at Bunbury Prison, we’ll work together to find out more about each participant’s goals, strengths, and the value they bring to their community. With a better understanding of their story, we’ll link them with other services to get them where they want to go. Reintegration services may also include supports for family members, extended personal networks, or services and decision makers that support the person being released from prison.

How does it work?


Individual case work

Working one on one, we identify each participant’s unique needs, strengths, and goals, then develop an action plan for reintegration into the community.

Transitional supported accommodation

If properties are available, we offer the option of subsidised rent for 3 months to help with a smooth transition after their time at Bunbury Prison.


Group life skills program

Working alongside other inmates, we talk through the different factors contributing to their incarceration and build the skills needed for living outside of prison.

Post-release individual support

After being released from prison, participants can continue their positive momentum by accessing further release support to help them reach goals in the action plan and connect with other services in the community.




Short Term


Participants will learn to understand factors that contribute to their offending behaviours, and strategies to reduce re-offending, while connecting with a positive support network after being released from prison.

Medium Term


As they progress through the program, they’ll learn about positive decision making, how to regulate emotions and cope with challenges, and ways to maintain stable accommodation and be positive members of their community.

Long Term


As their Action Plan comes to fruition, they’ll build the skills to reduce the risk of reoffending through stronger decision making, stable accommodation, meaningful employment, daily structure, purpose, and financial stability.

Reintegration Services

At Accordwest, we offer a cluster of reintegration services that are designed to prepare Bunbury prison inmates for a successful transition back into the community.




Being sentenced can have a huge disruption on someone's life as they await the unpredictability of court dates and processes. Our Remand service is a two-week practical support period designed to explain the different types of inmate reintegration programs available in Bunbury Prison, as well as help tie-up any loose ends from turning off the gas at their residence, to letting their landlord or employer know where they're at, getting on the Department of Housing wait list, or filling out documents to gain ID for when they get out.

Release Support
CTP (Community Transition Program)

Want to know more?

It’s time to help the person you know to plan a smooth reintegration into the community with our series of programs for inmates while incarcerated. Our mission is to support more people to live the life they want to live – so if you have any questions about Release Support, simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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