Getting you through the process of coming out of prison and adjusting naturally back into normal life.

Every day is a new chance to write your next chapter.

Our rehabilitation programs help you embark on an uplifting journey of self-discovery that builds the skills you need to live a positive, law-abiding lifestyle after release from Bunbury Regional Prison. The support services we offer help you set goals and build a sense of being ‘in charge’ so you can make the right decisions and create stability in your life. 

How it works

Coming to terms with your past and dealing with the consequences is the first step towards being able to make the most of your time in prison so you can leave a better person. Accordwest offers a range of other support services to assist you and/or your family. These include help with Accommodation, Parenting and Support Services, Alcohol and other Drugs (AoD), Tenant Advice and Education, and Family & Relationship Supports. They all bundle together to wrap around services with you at the centre.

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