South West Community Housing


A home to call your own, and set you up for life.

As an approved community housing provider, Accordwest offers low-income earners a range of rental houses supported by wraparound services, from Bunbury to Margaret River.


What is it?

Community housing is affordable rental properties provided for people with limited incomes. Just like regular rental homes, you live in and care for community housing as if it were your own, and can stay as long as you like, provided you tick the right boxes.


Who we are

As a registered Community Housing Organisation (C.H.O) and member of ShelterWA based in the Southwest, Accordwest offers affordable community housing for people on low to moderate incomes, including community housing under the NRAS scheme.


How it works

We match eligible candidates to community housing based on location, design and support needs. The process is simple - we work out what your rent is, you pay your rent, we do your inspections, you let us know when there are any repairs required.


Waitlist & Eligibility

Applications are made via the Department of Communities. Once you’re on the wait list and pass the Community Housing Income and Asset Limits test, Accordwest can match you with housing as it becomes available. See here and here for more.


About our community housing

As a trusted community housing provider, Accordwest’s rentals are for people who have the tools and the skills to maintain a house, but struggle to afford a place to call home. In many ways, it’s just like any other rental home – at well under market rents. You get a 12-month lease on a property to call your own, which you pay for using just 25% of your income, as long as it meets Public Housing Income Limits.

From Margaret River to central Bunbury


At Accordwest, we operate in the Department of Communities region known as Metro/Southwest. Most of our community housing comprises 2x1 and 3x1 units located from Margaret River up to central Bunbury. There’s no time limit on your tenancy, so stay as long as you want and set yourself for the long-term. All we ask is you take good care of your rental and abide by our rules.

  • Eligibility involves assessing your income, which includes the income of your partner or co-applicant (if relevant)
  • The combined weekly gross income of you, your partner or co-applicant must fall within one of two categories:
    • Band A
      Households who meet the Public Housing eligibility criteria (for a single person up to $26,188)
    • Band B
      Households with income exceeding the eligibility criteria for Public Housing and not exceeding the eligibility criteria for entry to the National Rental Affordability Scheme (for a single person up to $58,905 per annum)
  • Make sure you read eligibility criteria carefully and stay up to date as it can change.

Already live at our community housing?


At Accordwest, we believe people have a right to feel part of a community in a home of their own. As a trusted community housing provider, we use a ‘Supportive Landlord’ model to offer affordable, sustainable community housing to support people struggling with complex needs, from unemployment, physical or mental health issues, and social isolation, to substance misuse, addictive behaviour, cognitive impairment, family and domestic violence, disability and trauma. Our strength-based and person-centred approach gives you choice and self-determination, with access to flexible wraparound support services for as long as you need them. Once your eligibility changes, we’ll support you on your journey away from community housing.


Reporting repairs & maintenance

Help us provide a safe, comfortable and functional home by reporting any repairs or maintenance.


Your rent – lodgings

Only need a room for one? Lodgings give you a space of your own in shared accommodation.


Your rent – mainstream housing

Find a place to call home, from social housing to affordable housing, and private rentals.


Managing your money

Learn how to save, budget, get credit, and take control over your money problems for good.


Anti-social behaviour

We take a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour – learn how and when to report it.


Info & policies

Learn all there is to know about the finer details of renting community housing from Accordwest.


Managing your tenancy

Our team can link you to other services that support you to maintain safe, stable housing.


Community housing is just the beginning…

Many of our residents come to us after they’ve found themselves in a difficult situation and are at risk of experiencing homelessness. At Accordwest, our purpose is to support people experiencing hardship and disadvantage to live the life they choose to live. So if you need extra support, we’d love to refer you to other Accordwest wraparound support services, from counselling to mental health support and all in between. You might find this is something you don’t want, and that’s ok. We’ll simply offer you as much information and connections as possible, then check in later to see how you’re going. For us, it’s all part of being a trusted community housing provider. We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards a safe and secure home life.

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