The Accordwest Symposium100 is a ground-breaking event that marks the start of a bold target to design, fund and build at least 100 brand new social houses through local community partnerships across the South West.


Housing has been shown to be of enormous importance to the health of not only individuals, but entire communities, with benefits ranging from preventing mental health disorders, to improving educational growth, and protection against domestic violence (and potentially reducing the health service costs associated with them) , all while boosting the economy via job creation (it is estimated that for every 100 units of new social housing 80 construction jobs and 30 ongoing jobs are created). Now, more than ever, we need to unlock housing for the homeless in WA’s South West.

Accordwest is committed to the All Paths Leads to a Home strategy released by the WA State Government.

A recently commissioned industry body report estimates that the South West Region needs 5,600 new homes by 2041. To do this, the social and affordable housing stock needs to grow by an average of 5.8% pa over this period: the equivalent of an additional 200-300 homes every year. Our hope is that by bringing together like-minded individuals, organisations and businesses with philanthropic mindsets with a shared goal, we can solve the homelessness crisis in the South West. This isn’t a pipe dream. Whether you’re a motivated partner, contributor, or volunteer, let’s make the Symposium100 the catalyst to making homelessness rare, brief and non-reoccurring.

The Need for Housing

Hear from Kath Snell, CEO, SHELTERWA learning more about the 3 key needs facing the housing and homelessness sector.

Project Report

Prepared by SVA Consulting, we invite you to learn more about what occurred on the day, including how 75% of respondents expressed an interest to participate in a venture to build and operate at least 100 community (social and/or affordable) housing properties in WA's South west.

It's not too late to contribute

If you or your organisation have the mindset or the means to support our community-led vision, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.



Hear from leading thought leaders in the homelessness space about the state of the current crisis, success stories, and how we can unlock the funding to design, fund and build 100 brand new social houses.



Member for Bunbury.



Speaker 1 | John Berger

Director of Engagement and Strategic Projects, WAAEH

Topic: The push for Supportive Housing modelling and Bunbury housing data.


Speaker 2 | Kath Snell

Shelter WA CEO

Topic: The need for housing, how Shelter WA can help, and the impact of community providers.

Ross Kyrwood

Speaker 3 | Ross Kyrwood


Topic: A real and exciting opportunity for the future.

Accordwest-Logo (3)

Speaker 4 | Evan Nunn

Accordwest CEO


Speaker 5 | Justin Court

Consultant, Social Ventures Australia

Topic: Illuminating findings arising from the need for social housing in the South West.


Accordwest are a proud member of CHIA.

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