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Trauma Counselling

Self-discovery that improves future lives.

Understanding today, to help tomorrow.

Whether it’s a single life changing event or an accumulation of experiences, external circumstances often contribute to our sense of self, the world around us and how we relate to it. When this happens, Trauma can be a normal response to overwhelming stressors. Perhaps it’s coming to terms with a difficult upbringing, working through an addiction that has put your relationships at risk, or re entering the community after time in prison; at times like this, it’s common to feel under stress.

Our Trauma Counselling program helps people come to terms with life events, addressing unresolved past traumas with regular counselling sessions, therapeutic interventions and education. With the support of a qualified and experienced trauma counsellor participants are provided a safe environment to process, accept and release trauma related symptoms.

Through Trauma Counselling you will actively work towards addressing:

  • Anxiety
  • Psychological and emotional pain
  • Physical pain
  • Improved sleeping, eating, and physical patterns of behaviour
  • Increasing motivation towards achieving positive outcomes.


With the support of a qualified and experienced trauma counsellor, you’ll address past traumas that have impacted negatively on your life, including addictive Alcohol and Drug use, addictive behaviours and habits – for example, gambling, gaming, pornography, Mental Health related concerns, aggressive behaviours towards others as well as intense negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviours which impact on our relationships with others.

Our focus is to work toward positive outcomes. Along the way strong connections with family, friends and community spirit are overlaid with the building of helpful beliefs and thinking styles, emotional regulation, growth of self-esteem and sense of self that will enable you to work through how you relate to the world and set up sustainable changes that will improve future lives.

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