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Helping you regain control

When you deal with our friendly, inclusive team you’ll quickly get a sense of our genuine ‘care factor’. We listen, learn, observe, ask, research, test, and try make sense of your situation so we can introduce you to a range of ‘wrap around’ support services designed to help you regain control over your life, from financial counselling, to drug and alcohol support, tenant advocacy and rehabilitation support. By drilling down to the real issues, together we can unearth the right solution to your problems.


We do what we say we will

Our values, ethics and professionalism are everything. They guide us in the direction we want to head in, ensure we do exactly what we say we will, and change how our communities think of us.

We accept you, we do no judge, and we work hard to understand your unique circumstances in life.

We listen, respect and care about each vulnerable person’s wellbeing from first contact.

We never discriminate based on martial status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, family responsibility, family status, race, religion, political conviction, impairment or age.

We believe there are always better ways to achieve results and we challenge ourselves to find them.

We know one size never fits all. When your needs change, so will we.

Results Focused
Everything we do is driven by our commitment to achieving results.


If you’re reading this and we’ve struck a chord, reach out now. Don’t wait.

You can call us, find us online or drop in and organise a meeting.

We accept:

• Self-referrals
• Referrals from family and friends
• Referrals from other agencies or organisations.

We have the information, resources and support to help you build your sense of being in control, restore the real you and change the direction your life is heading. Remember – the sooner you act, the sooner we can start your journey.

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